• CEO of The SAIFAM Group, one of Italy’s largest indie record companiesMauro Farina

    Thanks to Bravo's highly professional team we have been able to increase our business in Japan far beyond what we could do on our own.

  • President of MOSSATerry Browning

    Bravo Group is a business partner that has exceeded ALL our expectations.

  • Executive Director FitProJane Waller

    I highly recommend Bravo as a highly effective business partner to help overseas companies grow their business and brand in the Japanese fitness market.

  • International Sales Director, StykuJoshua Brand

    We really could not be happier with calling Bravo our partner and we hope to have a very long-term relationship as we bring this unique technology to the market.

  • Owner of interactive-musicRoland De Roeck

    The communication is very polite & friendly, almost family. Never there are “hard” words, problems (if any) are solved with a smile at the convenience of each party.

  • Co-founder of TRIBE Team Training® / International Coaching DirectorSue Richard

    We have truly enjoyed our relationship with Bravo Group and look forward to continue working with them to develop and grow the Japan market for TRIBE.

  • President & Co-Founder Yes! Fitness MusicMichael Pipitone

    Thanks to Bravo's highly professional team we have been able to increase our business in Japan far beyond what we could do on our own.

  • Vice President of Business DevelopmentDavid Petty

    Bravo Group’s knowledge of the fitness industry and their professionalism make them an ideal partner for Power Music in the Japan market.

  • CEO/Co-founderRaj Sareen

    Bravo is the epitome of a professional, dedicated, hardworking, and detail-oriented organization.

  • Co-Owner / Executive Producer Yes! MusicMike Babbitt

    Bravo is the best! Simply put, there is not another company we would even consider doing business with. True professionals!


We began sales in the Japanese market

We localized the software into Japanese and completed the development of specifications for the Japanese market. By offering not only language localization but also detailed services and added value, we have successfully installed units into 21 facilities including major fitness club chains in Japan. We also expanded into and are developing sales channels into the new market for Bravo of beauty.

Marketing activities to increase brand awareness

We implemented marketing measures that utilize the paid, owned and earned framework in addition to tradeshows. Based on Styku’s strengths of “Visualize your body”, we aim to achieve long-term sales growth and maximization of brand value through execution of our marketing strategy.

Exhibiting at Japan's largest tradeshow “SPORTEC”

SPORTEC, held in Tokyo, is Asia’s largest tradeshow in the fitness and health industry with over 50,000 visitors and over 900 exhibitors . Attendees gather from all over the world to attend business seminars and events, and experience the massive exhibition of fitness equipment and programs, health supplies, and sports tourism, etc. Every year Bravo has one of the largest and most energetic booths, showcasing and promoting Styku.

Q&A with Joshua Brand

How did you first become interested in the Japan market?

I have always been fascinated with Japanese History and have a minor in Asian Studies from my University. I got my first opportunity to come to Japan 25 years ago and traveled to Kyoto and Tokyo. It was an incredible experience to see the traditions mixed with one of the most powerful economies in the world. I have been traveling to Japan ever since.

What is difficult to do business in Japan, that people might not know is difficult?

Japan is a very amazing place to do business in. It is hard to understand the nuisances of business. People are always very polite and kind. I have found it takes a much longer period of time to get a new business going. The Japanese people are very detailed and like certainty. Most western countries do not have the same attention to detail that Japanese people do. This is a wonderful thing for companies that want to get better. I have always said that doing business in Japan will make your entire business process better. The Japanese will ask questions that we may not have ever thought of before.

What made you decide to do business with Bravo?

We looked to do business Bravo because they are an innovative company. They have really done some unique businesses in Japan and are a thought leader. They are a unique company, having a long history in the fitness community and we wanted to choose a company that had a depth of experience working with US based brands and could understand our culture and translate it to the Japanese market. Bravo is also at the same time very aware of Japanese sensibilities and are able to bridge the gap and serve both us as a manufacturer and the Japanese consumer in a manner that is head and shoulders above the competition. For us, we could not think of having a better partner!

How has it been to do business with Bravo?

As noted above we have really enjoyed our business relationship with Bravo. They have helped us see things in our product and process that have made Styku better. This goes from how we have improved our packaging of the product, to feedback on our software. They always have the customer at heart and after all, this what makes the business tick. We really could not be happier with calling Bravo our partner and we hope to have a very long-term relationship as we bring this unique technology to the market.

Is there any event which is memorable for you?

Yes, I attended the Bravo 20 anniversary, and what struck me was the relationships that Bravo has in the industry. This was an amazing experience for me to see in a first-hand way how much Bravo has impacted the Japanese market. Customer, athletes and celebrities came from all over Japan. Also, Bravo had their suppliers come from all corners of the universe. They had people from New Zealand, Italy, and the United States. It was such an emotional and significant experience for me, and I can honestly say that few companies anywhere have had this kind of impact. Bravo is a mission driven company and they are sincere in their interest to help the Japanese people to become more fit and healthy. They are involved in a variety of charitable contributions which also demonstrates how they much they care for their fellow man and woman. I left this event inspired and content knowing we had selected a great company that is fueled by very gifted people.

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