• Andrew Zarounas

    Director of Aeromic MicrophonesAndrew Zarounas

    The team at Bravo has been amazing to deal with. Their attention to detail and thorough thought process was a key reason we chose to have them represent our brand in Japan. They take their time to understand the product, and how it can benefit their customers. They really do keep the customer’s needs at the forefront of their decisions.

  • Mike Beeney

    Director - Asia PacificMike Beeney

    We feel that Bravo is a company and team who share our passion and mission to help people feel good about exercise and increasing exercise adherence.

  • CEO of The SAIFAM Group, one of Italy’s largest indie record companiesMauro Farina

    Thanks to Bravo's highly professional team we have been able to increase our business in Japan far beyond what we could do on our own.

  • President of MOSSATerry Browning

    Bravo Group is a business partner that has exceeded ALL our expectations.

  • Executive Director FitProJane Waller

    I highly recommend Bravo as a highly effective business partner to help overseas companies grow their business and brand in the Japanese fitness market.

  • Founder of FollowTheBrandJoshua Brand

    Bravo has proven to be a very reliable partner for us in Japan and is always the first company we approach when we seek to introduce another new brand to the market.

  • Owner of interactive-musicRoland De Roeck

    The communication is very polite & friendly, almost family. Never there are “hard” words, problems (if any) are solved with a smile at the convenience of each party.

  • President & Co-Founder Yes! Fitness MusicMichael Pipitone

    Thanks to Bravo's highly professional team we have been able to increase our business in Japan far beyond what we could do on our own.

  • Vice President of Business DevelopmentDavid Petty

    Bravo Group’s knowledge of the fitness industry and their professionalism make them an ideal partner for Power Music in the Japan market.

  • Co-Owner / Executive Producer Yes! MusicMike Babbitt

    Bravo is the best! Simply put, there is not another company we would even consider doing business with. True professionals!


Localization and product customization of EMic, an Australian-made global-best-selling fitness headset microphone, for Japan

In 2021 Bravo launched Aeromic’s EMic, a fitness headset microphone, in Japan. EMic is a very durable, high-quality, pro-friendly product that fitness instructors can carry around as their own “My Mic.” With its clean and clear incredible sound quality and integrated simple and lightweight design EMic makes studio lessons more impactful and reliable.

Since fitness clubs in Japan have unique specifications for transmitters, EMic could not be introduced to the market with their original global specifications. To resolve this, Bravo researched and analyzed how the product should be customized for Japan and provided information and recommendations to Aeromic. Through close communication and collaboration Bravo and Emic were able to come up with an on-spec localized version of the product for the Japan market.
With strong support from Emic, and a grass roots marketing campaign launched by Bravo EMic quickly gained popularity in Japan as the perfect product to meet the new fitness industry guidelines under Covid-19, supporting and promoting a safe and comfortable fitness environment.

Marketing and sales of Aeromic Mic belt

The Aeromic Mic belt is an essential accessory for fitness instructors who are particular about both fitness goods and accessories, as well as fitness wear in the club studio environment. The Aeromic Mic belt also provides excellent stability when the transmitter is inserted, allowing instructors to concentrate on the group lesson without worrying about excessive movement of the transmitter. In addition, the Aeromic Mic belt provides a great fit, even for smartphones or audio players, for daily exercises such as walking, running and riding.
Bravo introduced the belt to its own fitness professional database of over 15,000 fitness instructors in Japan promoting its benefits through digital ads, social media, catalogs and trade shows to build awareness and accelerate its market penetration in Japan.

Q&A with Andrew Zarounas

How did you first become interested in Japan market?

The Japan market has always been a busy and robust fitness market, and we knew if we could supply our products in Japan, this would benefit users greatly.

What made you decide to do business with Bravo?

They took the time to understand our products and our processes. This showed they cared about what they supply and who they deal with, and this is exactly how we are as a company, so it was a perfect fit!

How has it been to do business with Bravo?

An absolute pleasure. I can’t recommend Bravo highly enough. My only regret is we didn’t meet each other sooner! Great job Bravo…well done to the entire team.

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